The Journey Begins

Hi there!

Thanks for joining us on this page. We’ll be updating this site in the coming months with stories and pictures about our 6 month long trip throughout South America.

Who is we? My name is Nora, swiss-guatemalan food scientist and my loyal companion is Sergio, dutch-surinamese software developer. Our South America trip is only the start of hopefully many more trips that we will publish here.

Let’s get back to the basics though: What is the planned itinerary? We are now, today, at this very moment in Lima, where our trip is starting. From here we will move southwards passing Arequipa and go via Chile to Uyuni in Bolivia. From Bolivia we want to travel up north, passing of course Macchu Picchu, Ecuador (Galapagos!), Colombia until we reach Costa Rica. The last couple of weeks we will spend in Cuba and then go back home to Amsterdam aka Zurich.

So far so good. We hope you like our page and will check back soon again. 🙂

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  1. Spent about 10 months in South America back in 2011 and loved it and only getting around to writing about that trip…
    Many thanks for stopping by my Travel and Photography blog.


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