Coast Town Paracas

Hola Amigos,

At this moment I’m in the bus towards Huacachina and thought let me try to write something. Yes indeed trying because this will be my first published post of my life. Quite a big deal, right?

So we just left Paracas, our second stop of the gringo trail. We stayed here for two nights and I wouldn’t recommend to stay here any longer. Paracas is a cute town with a little boulevard next to the coast. Next to this there are only two things which you can and should do: The Islas Ballestas & The Parque Nacional.

Islas Ballestas:

Penguins, Sea Lions and alot of different birds can be found on these islands. With a boat tour from the boulevard you can sail around these islands. The views are magnificent! The mountains on these islands are fully covered with animals. I would say its the China for Animals.

It’s very easy to join this tour. Just go to the boulevard and you’ll find someone who can lead you to the harbour. To do this tour you’ll need to pay an entrance ticket(17 soles for both Islas and Parque), the tour(25-35 soles) and taxes(5 soles). NOTE: Sit on the left side of the boat to get closer to the animals. This could be different of course for each tour.

The Parque Nacional:

Since you already paid the entrance ticket for the Ballestas islands, you can also visit the Parque Nacional (yes, the ticket is for both). This park is basically a desert with different checkpoints with beautiful panorama views. It is definitely worth a visit.

You can visit this place in multiple ways. You can easily just book a tour as always and be dropped off at all of the highlights for a limited amount of time.

What you can also do is to rent a bike and go there by yourself (Like we did). You can rent a bike for 20 soles at multiple places. Make sure you pick a good bike because you’ll need it. The route you need to follow is straight forward so you don’t have to be scared of spending alot of time in finding out which way to go. The actual problem with this way is, that you’ll have to bike quite a lot. At least 25 km and 35 km to add the last highlight (Not worth it). Doing it by bike is combining sightseeing with some exercise. I don’t regret it but if I could go back…. I wouldn’t finish the tour all sweaty.

Back to the town

This part is going to be short, because there isn’t much to say. The food in the town is average. As far as we know, nobody had a really nice breakfast, lunch or dinner anywhere. They all only just had an expensive average meal at the boulevard.

If you’re planning to stay in a hostel stay in Kokopeli! We didn’t stay here but went here to hang out with other backpackers

Almost forgot! If you want a nice picture with some pelicans, pay a local 5 Soles at the boulevard and he can lure them next to you with some food.

Well, Thats it! Thank you for reading.


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