Huacachina, you’ve been good to us

Hello again!

This time I am writing to you from a roof terrace in Huacachina, eating an oreo sundae with the perfect view on the high dunes surrounding us.

We arrived here 2 days ago, with a direct tourbus from our hostel in Paracas and fell instantly in love with this place here. Huacachina is a very small oasis right next to Ica in the middle of a desert. You will find here romantic hangout spots, adrenaline infused adventures and the toughest uphill walk of your life (just kidding, if we did it so can you!).

As accomodation we chose the hostel Desert Nights, which offers you a nice bed, okay clean facilities and a beautiful pool in the camping behind the house. Friends of us stayed in Banana’s Hostel, which looks really cute, offers 1 free activity per night of staying (reflected in their room price) and has a more friendly atmosphere than ours.

Huacachina is more the relaxing type of place. During the day we chose to chill out at the pool, have a long lunch next to the water or just wander around. The real action starts at 4pm. That’s when the buggy tours start, half way up the dune. For 2 hours the tour (30 soles + 3.60 tax) takes you through the desert to different spots where you can take pictures and sandboard down dunes. It is really a rollercoaster ride and sandboarding is a great experience, so don’t miss it!

Alternatively, a quad tour is another possibility which costs between 40-60 soles depending on if you go to the desert or into Ica.

But that’s not all: Walk up the highest dunes, which takes between 20-30min, to see a beautiful and peaceful sunset above the desert and Huacachina.

And if you are not hungover, wake up at 5 am to see the sunrise all by yourself on top of the dunes. Watch out to dress warm though!

In any case, empty your memory card, ’cause Huacachina will give you plenty of amazing sceneries to catch!

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