Lima Again

After a 23 hour bus ride from Cusco we arrived back in Lima to spend two days before heading to the north of Peru and heading towards Ecuador.

During this stopover we chilled alot without purpose. We stayed again at the Pariwana hostel which was still as good as the first time. We walked through parts of the city we didn’t go before and explored more streetart.

We also tried to visit a highly recommended place for ceviche called Punto Azul, but we didn’t manage to find an open and existing one. We ended up at some place called Magma Sushi Lounge, which was really nice! They are serving interesting peruvian/japanese dishes. We also had some food at some other places (Useful information). We went back to the place we had dinner the first time we arrived in Lima to look back to where it all started and what we have done so far.

In the end this blogpost is more or less useless. Thank you for wasting your time by clicking this blogpost open instead of all the other nice ones.

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