Leaving Peru behind

Hola Amigos,
This post is gonna be about our last hours in Peru. Currently I’m, in a hammock in Cuyabeno, which is almost the most northeast part of the country. So imagine how much we are behind. It could have easily be more, but some times I actually like to write my experiences down. Besides that it helps that I only write half of it and Nora the other half. Otherwise I probably would have given it up by now, but luckily that’s not the case!
Back to the point. Our last place in Peru we wanted to visit was Chachapoyas. After this we needed to head towards Guayaquil to catch the flight to Galapagos. Unfortunately there was no direct bus to bring us all the way here, so we had to make at least one stop. Besides that the ride would be around 24 hours.

We decided to make a stop in Chiclayo. This because its one of the few places to have a direct connection to Guayaquil. Other cities more north like the famous Mancora only have a direct connection to Cuenca which is more south in Ecuador than Guayaquil. From here it would then take another bus change to get to Guayaquil.

From Chachapoyas we took a 8 hour night bus to Chiclayo for 80 soles each. We decided to stay in Chiclayo for a day. Not for some nice sightseeing but to relax a bit. We stayed in one of the cheap luxury hotels and spent a day in the pool, sauna, hottub and gym. We stayed in Costa Del Sol Wyndham for 51 dollars. The bus terminal and main square were within a 5 minute walk which was also convenient. The next day we took the direct bus to Guayaquil for like 14 hours(110 soles each). Within this time we had some stops for food and the border crossing of course.

So that was chapter Peru! A country with alot of history and endless things to do. I think that once we are back in The Netherlands we write some more general things about the country itself. Till then my summary is: You must visit Peru.
Thank you!

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