Waiting in Guayaquil

We made it to Guayaquil, the city of taking a flight to Galapagos. This was actually the only reason to visit this city, but that doesn’t mean we were planning to wait literally. We had 24 hours in the biggest city of Ecuador so we decided to make the best of it, so here we go.

We arrived early in Guayaquil at around 7. We grabbed a taxi to our hostel called Nazu City Hostel. The place is located quite good for the price of 40 dollars. Unfortunately the person in charge wasn’t nice at all. For an early check-in we had to pay 50% of the roomprice and to stay/wait in the hostel he wanted to charge us 2 dollars per person. This combined with his unfriendly attitude had us decided to not feed this greedy behaviour so we went out to see what Guayaquil had to offer.

The hostel is right next to the Malecon 2000 so this is were we started our walk. The Malecon 2000 is a boulevard next to the Guayas river. Here you can find stores, monuments, restaurants and entertainment for the kids, but since it was early there wasn’t much life here. Now there was only one thing left to do, we went for food, what else.

After filling our bellies we went to Parque Seminario. This little park is the home of many iguanas and some turtles. Besides that the park itself is also quite nice.

The next place to visit was again the Malecon! By now the stores opened for some shopping. The entire shopping area is filled with local stores selling imported clothes from China so our shopping didn’t take that long. We used some of the free wifi across the boulevard to find out our next place to visit, Las Penas.

Las Penas is the nicest looking neighbourhood of Guayaquil. The neighbourhood is filled with characteristic colored houses. We walked 440 stairs up to the highest point for a nice panorama view of Guayaquil. In the neighbourhood you can also find lots of local bars, restaurants and galleries. Definitely worth a visit if you have to be in Guayaquil.

After visiting this beautiful neighbourhood we went again to the Malecon. We had a nice lunch before we went to check-in at our hostel. Our room at the hostel was worth the wait. Besides the good location our room was really nice. It was decorated with graffiti, really big and had a nice light thing at the wall.

The rest of the day was more or less easy. First we finally did our research for the Galapagos and after that we went again to the Malecon. We met a friend of Nora with his daughter to go for some food, cake and tea!

At the end, Guayaquil was good for this one day!

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