Little Mindo

Hola Hola,

Welcome to a short post about Mindo. Short because there isn’t that much to tell about Mindo and short because we only did one activity.

Mindo is a cute little town just a few hours away from Quito. It’s so small that you walk in 10 minutes from one side to the other. After that there are some houses spread over the area around it. Sound boring right, but why would we be here then? Because Mindo actually has quite some things to offer.

The main reason we visited Mindo was for their zipline park. They have actually one of the best zipline parks of Ecuador. During a tour you can go over 10 ziplines (online they said 15 tho). The ziplines go through the cloud forest and the views are amazing. Besides that you can ride them regular, like superman or upside down. Some of the lines went really fast aswell!

After the ten ziplines we went for the tarzan swing which was a new adrenaline highlight experience. We could only do it one by one, since there was only one swing. Nora went first without knowing what to expect. She ended up dropping for like 20 meters and swinging litterly like tarzan. Two chinese guys who were supposed to do it aswell went nuts and didn’t do it anymore. Since Nora did it, I didn’t have any option (I would have done it anyways). Now I knew what was gonna happen, but the way they let you go is quite subtle. You won’t hold back until you can’t go back anymore. In the end, super experience! For us the tarzan swing was for free since we booked it in Mindo. Some people from our zipline group did an organized tour from Quito which costs more aswell without the tarzan swing.

What else? Mindo has actually more to offer. Let me tell you what very short: You can do a hike to some waterfalls, you can go tubing, you can do a chocolate or coffee tour, you can go to a butterfly garden , you can go birdwatching and you can do a nightwalk. Actually quite some!

Mindo itself has a good vibe, it’s not flooded by tourists, the nature around is beautiful and you have quite some things to do. Definitely worth a visit!

NOTE: If your purpose of travelling is having nice food everyday, don’t visit Mindo. You won’t have that many options.

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