Latacunga and Quilotoa

Hi there!

This post is about our 3 day stay in the middle of the ecuadorian Andes. Let’s starts with Latacunga.

A small town with it’s own airport, this place is relatively good situated for it’s connections to all kinds of places in Ecuador. It’s a indigenous town, where the ladies like to wear plenty of gold chains, knee-long skirts and not to forget the melon hat! It’s not beautiful here: the streets are packed with shops and lunch restaurants. The main square is next to the big 3 story high market which looks very modern inside but not very cozy or inviting. By now you might be asking yourself “Then why did you come here?”

Quilotoa! Yes, a very good reason to come here is to start your trek to Quilotoa or Cotopaxi. Many people choose to do a 3 day hike to this famous laguna but not us. Instead we took a bus from the terminal and then a taxi colectivo straight to the crater. Even though it felt like cheating and it would be more rewarding to find the laguna after a tough hike, the views were stunning and breath taking. This laguna is on 3914 m above the sea and was formed by a crater. There’s many legens surrounding this big lake, about a train that apparently lays on the ground of it and mermaids guarding this place.

It was a great mini trip, back into the cold which we thought we had left in Peru. The ecuadorian Andes are definitely not less worth visiting then the ones in their famous neighbour country and rich in modern indigenous culture!

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