Archeological San Agustin

Welcome to San Agustin! We made it all the way to the blogposts about Colombia. We finished Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile which we cheated by just visiting San Pedro de Atacama.

In the previous post you can find how we reached our first destination San Agustin in Colombia. We came all the way to San Agustin for the archaeological sites, nothing else. I have a weird attraction to these big stone sculptures, so I couldnt skip this town. Luckily the crazy way getting here was worth it! Let’s get started.

The first day we went to the Parque Arquelogico. If you’re visiting make sure you visit in time since the last part closes earlier at 4 (We missed it). This park is just a minivan away from the center of San Agustin. The entrance is 20000 cop per person. In this park you can find what we came for. Honestly I can’t tell much about it, but I can show you some pictures!

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The next day we went for a horseride to spot some other stone sculptures. At the first stop i got a reminder that I’m actually allergic for horses. I found out the moment I started my sneeze marathon with an average of a sneeze every 10 seconds. Unfortunately I had to stop the trip and recover from this the rest of the day. Luckily I convinced Nora to go on so at least we have some nice pictures!

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You’re probably wondering why I don’t give any background information about the sculptures. The title probably prepared you for some interesting information, but unfortunately I can’t give any information I don’t know anymore. Appearantly I was only interested in seeing them.

If you’re interested in seeing these sculptures you should visit San Agustin for sure and maybe you’ll remember more about the history!

Besides this they have a cute little market where you can buy some nice stuff! I bought myself a necklace of one of the big stone sculpture I never saw and probably doesn’t exist.

By the way, we spend our nights at Colinas de San Diego which is highly recommended (Price & Quality).

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