Lento en Salento

Dear friends,

I want to tell you about Salento, this little town in the coffee triangle of Colombia, colourful and quiet.

We arrived here after an intense week of salsa dancing in the buzzy city of Cali, so it was exactly what we needed. The hostel where we stayed was called Coffee Tree Boutique Hostel, a pretty hostel with nice breakfast and not far from the main square. We were in Salento in that infamous week between christmas and new years eve, together with many more colombian families, so the city showed itself from it’s best side: The park had food stands, tables and chairs everywhere and a big stage for the party on the weekend.

The town is really small and there’s not much to do apart from buying all necessary souvernirs to bring back home. In our case that meant slow days of sleeping in, having a drink in town or good food which was very abundant here. Places we can very much recommend are: Meraki, which has a big garden and delicious international and vegetarian cuisine; Ven Pues Mijo, close to the park, colombian kitchen and great vegetarian options.

Salento also has a nice view point to offer that requires quite some steps up but rewards you with a pretty beautiful view over the town and region.

And something we found good fun was to try out Tejo, a local game. Tejo is simply put about throwing heavy metal balls against boards of clay. However, there’s 3 small envelopes of explosive powder which you try to hit for a loud bang. There’s some more rules with points but you get what we were doing, of course.

Lastly Cocora Valley, where the tallest palmtrees on earth grow. A short pick-up ride from Salento away starts the 3 hour trail through forest and fields, over rivers accompanied of many hummingbirds and tourists. We met some really amazing people that day, so with finally 8 people we had a great hike and enjoyed the landscapes.

That’s it about Salento, we hope you enjoy our pictures! 😊

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