Throwback to Minca

After a long long time we found the motivation again to finish the blog from our trip to South America. Thanks to the Corona virus we also have the time now to really make it happen. We actually have some other ideas around ‘Travelsquad’ as a concept which hopefully will become reality at some point aswell.

But for now, this blogpost is going to be about Minca. A local friend Cindy joined us here spontaneously. She didn’t speak English so this excursion changed into a Spanish test for me. BTW, Since everything is longer than a year ago I will probably leave out alot of details, but who cares about those anyways….

About Minca

Minca is a small village, a 45 minutes bus drive away from Santa Marta. This village exist of like 10 hostels, 3 restaurants and a french bakery with nice pan de chocolate (Chocolate bread), which we ate everyday. Around the village are some hikes you can do and some waterfalls you can visit. In general Minca has a really relaxed vibe and I would recommend to stay here for 2 or 3 days.

In Minca we stayed at the hostel Costeno River. This nice hostel was 30 minutes walking from the bus stop/center, but there was a little shortcut possible if we crossed the river (water till the knees). Cindy stayed across this river at Safari Glamping, which also looked pretty nice. From here it was around 15 minutes walking to the center. Our stay at Costeno was very pleasant. The people working here were friendly, they had their own big hammocks to chill in, they made a campfire in the evening and they even had a toucan joining us for breakfast.

During our time we went walking to a few waterfalls for a refreshing swim. The first one we visited was Pozo Azul. A nice looking little waterfall with plenty of spots to chill and have a little lunch/snack (Pan de Chocolate). The water here is the type of cold water which still feels cold after swimming for 10 minutes. This was probably the reason why most people were just standing in the water. There were also a few jumping rock possibilities!

The second waterfall we visited was one I can’t find back. It was a stop during a trip which had Casa Elemento as the final destination. Casa Elemento is known for having the biggest hammocks of I don’t know what, but they were big. From here we also had a very nice view and enjoyed some good food.

Overall Minca was very relaxing. There were a few nice places we had a stop for a cool drink, but those you will need to explore by yourself.

Mannnn those days were way much better than these Coronavirus lockdown days!

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